Music Notes

My name is RT Cunningham and Music Notes is my music appreciation site.

I won’t repeat everything that exists on the front page of RTCX, which will tell you a little more about me if you choose to look there.

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Music Appreciation

I was born in 1960. Do the math. I grew up listening to popular songs from as early as the 1950s. Today, I listen to very little from before the 1980s.

I started to get serious about collecting music when I could it buy it on compact disc. Everything I owned on cassette tape didn’t last. I never owned any vinyl records.

When it started getting easy to convert songs on CD to MP3 files, that’s what I did. I have thousands of MP3 files on my laptop hard drive. I always have copies elsewhere as well. I’m retired and my pension doesn’t allow me to buy or replace much of anything that isn’t a necessity.

My Preferred Music

Some people call me old-fashioned. Eighties music is old-fashioned? Really? Seriously, though, I like some songs from other decades. I don’t have a genre preference. I like catchy tunes as long as I can understand the lyrics. Rock ballads are my favorites but I like a little bit of everything, even some country.

There is one type of “music” I don’t like and that I will rarely listen to and it has nothing to do with genres. Expletives in songs aren’t necessary. The F-bomb irritates me. I live in the Philippines and it seems like most of the older people here (40+) like the same types I like. It’s the younger people who seem to like rap and hip-hop, with or without expletives.

Music Exploration

I haven’t listened to everything in any genre. If you like an artist or a band that isn’t well-known, let me know. I might like what you like.